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Wednesday January 7, 2009
We measured the lowest temperature since this site was launched. It was a chilly -5C at 06.48. There were reports that it was even colder at Bridgend which is highly likely as the valley temperature would have been less than the weather station's hill top location as the cold air sinks down, and cold air from Dartmoor also flows down the river valleys. There was one rumoured report of -12C, but a more believable report of -7C is much more likely! Either way with the calm conditions, it was cold enough for The Pool to freeze over. Local fishermen reported having great difficulty rowing out to their boat as the oars kept bouncing off the ice!

Monday November 24, 2008
Our weather forecasts are now working again! Also on a sadder note, The Swan Inn in Noss Mayo closed down today. Tenant landlord Alban had no options left but to declare bankruptcy. The future of the pub is unknown. Owners Punch Taverns, a property company have also fallen on hard times with their share prices plummeting. It's everyone's hope though that it will open as a pub again, and not be turned into a private dwelling. If the latter were to happen, I can see a small war breaking out! The closure of the Swan has also left our webcam with out a home.

Sunday November 23, 2008
Our locally generated weather forecast has suffered some technical issues today, and is therefore incorrect at this time. The problem is due to a server that provides us with up wind station data, crashing. The crashed server is operated by another party, and therefore, the problem is beyond our control. We hope they will have it fixed before too long!

Wednesday August 27, 2008
New interactive weather maps section added (see menu on left). You can view current conditions all over the UK from private weather stations or airports.

Monday August 25, 2008
Our own weather forecasts (see August 18) are now being published on the site. The forecast (up to 9 days ahead) is automatically produced and updated about 4 times a day.

Saturday August 23, 2008
The weather cam (webcam) now has a new home, with a better view of Newton & Noss, courtesy of Alban at The Swan Inn, Noss Mayo. This is a big improvement on the old view of a rusty barn roof that we had before!

Monday August 18, 2008
We have started testing our own local weather forecasting system today which will enable us to produce a completely independent, long range, local weather forecast. The system uses advanced weather modeling algorithms. It collects data from our own weather station, and various other downwind stations, and uses that information to run a weather simulation, which can then be compiled into a long range (7 or 9 day) forecast. We plan to publish the forecasts on this site in the near future.

Wednesday August 13, 2008
Unseasonable gales have caused problems for us today. Although our weather mast that supports the weather sensors is in place, we haven't yet secured it properly and made it rigid enough to prevent swaying in strong winds. This is because we weren't expecting strong winds until the autumn! As a result of it swaying in today's gales, we are likely to get false rain fall readings for today, as the rain gauge (tip tank) will be triggered by the motion of the mast. So today you might notice a higher than expected rain fall measurement. All other data will be correct though, and we will fix this issue before the next gales arrive.

Saturday August 9, 2008
We are naming the weather mast after our dearly loved cat who died tonight at the age of 18. Her name was Barley. She will be sadly missed, and fondly remembered.
Barley and her book!

Tuesday July 1, 2008
We started developing this site, and our weather records began.

The Weather Station

The weather station that powers the weather section of this web site is located on the Downs just to the North of Newton Ferrers, at the top of the Shallowford Creek valley. The instruments that measure weather conditions are on top of an old, disused wind generator, which sits on top of a hill where it has a clear 360° view of Dartmoor to the North East, Roborough to the North, and the coastal headlands to the South, South West.
The Barley Weather Mast

Looking South West, you can see Newton Woods, and Wembury in the distance.

Yealmpton, and Dartmoor to the North West

I really don't have a head for heights, and have to call on the assistance of my eldest son when it comes to climbing the mast!
Station Status
Location: lat: 050:19:36 long: -004:01:50
Altitude: 250 ft
Software Last Reboot: 15:50:08 09/09/2011
Data Count: 0
Version: 10.37q
Build: 06
Computer Free Mem: 114.608 mb
Computer Uptime: 0 days 2 hours 24 minutes 6 seconds
Web Server Uptime: 37 days 7:02
Next Update Due: 16:00

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