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Rehabilitated Hedgehogs Need Homes

Gardens In Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo Wanted By Hedgehogs!
I'm very passionate about local wildlife, so when Linda sent a message to The Newton & Noss web site which read, "Hi, as a hedgehog rehabilitator in Plymouth I am indebted to your weather forecasts.  The weather in Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo would so suit late releases of hedgehogs. Is anyone able to confirm that hedgehogs are visitors to sites in your area. And would anyone be interested in hedgehogs being released in their gardens or grounds. Thank you for your work. Linda", I thought this was very deserving of it's own page on the site, and hopefully land/garden owners in Newton & Noss will contact Linda to offer a safe release site for hedgehogs, which I can confirm, do have a natural population in the area.

Please contact Linda on 01752 366951 if you would like to offer your garden as a release site for hedgehogs around Newton & Noss.

As a hedgehog carer I take in hedgehogs tangled in netting, weak due to a lack of natural food, bitten by dogs, hypothermic and hoglets that have been abandoned due to their nests being disturbed.  If you have a hedgehog safe garden for them to be released in, I would love to visit.
Hedgehogs are wonderful creatures and well worth encouraging into our gardens.  Eating slugs and snails they have become known as the "gardeners' friend".  Coming out at dusk has given them a secretive appeal as they snuffle their way through the undergrowth. 
    Hedgehog safe gardens
  • do not use slug pellets or other pesticides
  • have areas of meadow grass, or dense borders with shrubs in which the hedgehogs can forage
  • have undisturbed areas where the hedgehogs can nest
  • have owners who are willing to make a check for nesting hedgehogs before strimmering or mowing
  • have ponds (if present) with a permanent ramp for the hedgehogs to climb out along
Releasing hedgehogs back into the wild
After hedgehogs have been rehabilitated I always do a soft release.  This requires the hedgehogs to have a nest box situated in a shady area of the garden, under a hedge or tree or along a wall.  They will also need hedgehog/cat biscuits and fresh water put out in the evening for the first seven nights. 
If you have any questions please contact Linda on 01752 366951.

For sick or injured hedgehogs try phoning a hedgehog carer, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society 01584 890801, Devon Wildlife Hospital 07731552909 or Linda on 01752 366951 for advice, or a hedgehog friendly vet.

If the hedgehog needs to be rescued pick up using gardening gloves or a towel and place in a cardboard box that has air holes around it, and filled at one end with scrunched up newspaper for the hedgehog to snuggle under.  Rescued hedgehogs usually need to be kept warm, with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and placed next to the hedgehog.  At the far end of the box put a saucer of water and a saucer of cat/dog food (chicken/rabbit flavoured).  Then place the box in a warm, quiet room until it can be taken to a hedgehog carer (they quickly become stressed and die). 

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Local gardens wanted for hedgehog release

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