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Newton Ferrers, Noss Mayo & The River Yealm

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Weather For Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo

At 15:55 today: Force 0 Calm - 994.1 mb and falling 16.8°c (62.2°f)
rain none - humidity 99%
This afternoon
This afternoon's forecast
Mostly cloudy. Moderate fog. High 20°C. Wind south around 7 kts.
Chance rain
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Tide Times For The River Yealm

Tide times for the River Yealm (entrance) adjusted for BST
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How The River Yealm Is Being Destroyed

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Newton & Noss News

If you have any local news or events you would like us to publish here, please contact us.
Bonfire Night November 5th
The Newton Ferrers Primary School bonfire night will be taking place on November 5th, in the field on the left just before Butts Park (as you are leaving the village). Tickets are available from Tubb the chemist, and the Newton Post Office. Last years event was a great success! What's the weather going to be like on bonfire night? View our Newton & Noss weather forecast here.

The Big Lunch - A Great Success!
About 200 people turned up to The Big Lunch event held on Noss Green on Sunday 19th July. The gathering of locals endured blustery wind, and a couple of heavy showers before the sun finally graced us with it's presents toward the end of the event. Some fine locally sourced and prepared food was on offer, including Chile spider crab claws. Pétanque (bowls), rounders and a tug o' war were enjoyed by the more sporting and competitive attendees, and there was live music from the "Nukes" (Newton & Noss Ukuleles), "Girls Night Out", and "The Sound Criminals". Congratulations and thanks to Mike Leonard Williams (of The Private Nose) for organising this great event! There may possibly be another one next year.

The Big Lunch - Noss Mayo to take place on 19th July 2009
An event called "The Big Lunch" is to be held at Gypsy Meadow, in Noss on the 19th July. It's part of a national event which is being organised by The Eden Project to celebrate local communities. So far the event in Noss will include live music by the recently formed, local band, "The Sound Criminals", BBQ, home brew, home grown grub, home baked cakes, competitions, fancy dress, bunting & flags, and I'm sure a whole lot more too. We understand that this event is being organised by M.L-W & The Private Nose. Find out more at The Big Lunch web site.

Now The Swan Inn Is Due To Reopen On Friday 3rd July
During the past couple of months it looks as though a lot of work has been taking place on revamping the Swan Inn. The latest date for it's reopening is now 3rd July.

The Swan Inn Due To Reopen Soon - May 2009
Work is now under way on the Swan Inn. It is understood to be reopening in time for the next bank holiday at the end of May.

Recent Activity At The Swan Inn - 1 March 2009
Contractors have been spotted at The Swan Inn over the past few weeks, leading to increased speculation as to the future of the pub which closed down last November. During the January cold snap, pipes froze and burst, and a concerned, passing, local plumber, who spotted water cascading out from under the front door, managed to turn off the water supply, and limit any further damage. In the weeks that followed, passers by noticed mould growing inside the pub as a result of the flood which was not dealt with at the time. It is believed that the contractors have been cleaning that up. The windows have now been boarded up, which has lead to yet another anxious flurry of speculation from concerned locals. Do the boards represent the end for our beloved local hostillery, or have they been installed to secure contractor's tools and equipment that may be left on site while a refurbishment takes place, prior to a reopening? No one has yet taken on the lease from Punch Taverns, although it seems there is some interest from both potential lease purchasers, and those who would like to purchase the pub outright, and turn it into a free house. The timing of the arrival of the contractors may be coincidental, but it would fit in with an attempt to get the pub ready for reopening in time for the summer trade. Watch this space!

Yealm Freezes Over - 7 Jan 2009
With temperatures falling to as low as -7°c this morning, local fishermen reported that The harbour had frozen over! "We had trouble rowing out to the boat as the oars kept bouncing off the ice." One of them told me.

Gloom As Local Businesses Close - Nov/Dec 2008
Two hubs of the community have vanished recently. The Swan Inn, Noss Mayo was the first to go as newly wed, tenant landlord, Alban faced bankruptcy. No one knows yet whether it will ever open as a pub again. There are rumours that a temporary manager will be appointed some time in the first quarter of 2009. However, the owners, Punch Taverns (a property company, not a brewery) have them selves fallen on hard times as their share prices have plummeted. We can only hope that the Swan will soon be open again for business, and will not be converted into a private dwelling!

The second business to close was Newton Auto Marine (The Garage) in Newton Ferrers. Proprietor, Chris George who had run the garage for the past 16 years (or so) was faced with a huge rent increase imposed by the owner of the premises, who lives up country. Chris had no choice but to close down his business as the unrealistic increase in rent would have made it unprofitable to continue. Friends rallied around to help Chris move equipment and 16 years build up of artifacts from the premises before the deadline. During the second world war the then proprietor of the garage, was the head of the local Home Guard, and the garage was their HQ. In the 1970's the garage stopped selling petrol, and the pumps were removed. Sadly, it's unlikely that it will ever open as a garage again!

It would seem that both of these closures are not the result of the "credit crunch", but from the actions of companies and individuals far from Newton & Noss.

The web site is currently being developed by a local family as a local web portal and eventually an online community for Newton & Noss. Although has been online since 2001, full development of the site only started in late 2008.

The site is dedicated to the local community, and it's full time residents. The intention is to develop the site as a fun and informative, useful local resource which everyone can share, enjoy and participate in. So far there is a comprehensive weather section, tides, and some local info. Currently in the pipeline is a local members area where Newton & Noss residents (and their friends) will be able to share their videos and photos, create groups, interact with old friends, and make new friends etc. There will also be a local classified ads section, local business directory, forums, and much more. As well as the site it's self, we also hope to make a number of local domains available for locals to use in the form of free web space, and email addresses.

If you would like to be kept up to date with developments, please subscribe to our e-mailing list. We'll make sure you are the first to know about major developments and the eventual launch of the site!

  Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo

Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo are two neighbouring villages in the South Hams of Devon, just along the coast from Plymouth. The two villages are situated on opposite sides of Newton Creek, which is the last, and largest creek off the River Yealm before the mouth of the river joins the English Channel. At low tide the creek can be crossed by foot via the Voss, a concrete causeway.

Although Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo both have their own churches, they are part of the same parish. During local sporting and regatta events, rivalry between the two villages is very strong, although usually good natured. Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo are often referred to locally as Newton & Noss, and are regarded by many (except during local sporting and regatta events) as one community.

Newton Ferrers is the largest of the two villages, and is home to the local school, Post Office and shops. Noss Mayo used to have a school and it's own shops, the last of which was the Noss Post Office which closed only a few years ago. Noss Mayo has two popular pubs, while Newton Ferrers has one pub, and the Yealm Yacht Club.

With their close proximity to the sea, and the natural harbour of the River Yealm, Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo come alive in the summer months when many locals take to the water to enjoy activities such as boating, sailing, fishing etc, and visitors flock to soak up the idyllic views, and relaxed village atmosphere.

The population of Newton and Noss has been expanding rapidly during the past few decades, and building developments are a common site. The average age of residents is rising as younger families are being replaced by those seeking a quiet retirement. The local community also suffers from a strong second home market, which during the winter months leaves large areas of unlit houses, and an almost ghost town atmosphere as the once vibrant pubs become popular only with those seeking solitude, and a quiet fireside read with their tipple. This has all lead to exaggerated house prices which has sadly forced younger locals to move away, and which in turn has left the local community more diluted and less united.

Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo have had a long history together, and are mentioned in the Dooms Day Book. They grew up as a farming and fishing settlement with scattered waterside homes having farm land on the slopes of the creek, and direct access to the sea.

Photos of Newton & Noss from only a hand full of decades ago, suggest that little changed in terms of development, as described in historical writings from long ago. Photographic records from just before the second world war show vast swathes of empty land on the hill sides, where houses further up stand completely alone. Also documented in old photos is a steam ferry that used to take passengers between the River Yealm and Plymouth.

Post war development has reshaped the villages almost beyond recognition. However, much of the original road structure still remains to this day, a lot of historical features are still around, some of them still in tact, and easily missed by the unwary as they drive past. There is a whole treasure trove of fascinating, local history to be discovered.

  The River Yealm

The River Yealm flows from high up on a boggy part of Dartmoor, and meets the tidal sea at Kitley where it opens up into a picture perfect estuary. Bordered by Kitley Estate and farm land for as far as the eye can see, the upper most tidal reaches offer impressive views, tranquility and easy sightings of a diverse range of wild life. On the northern bank, there runs an old, disused railway line, the ballast of which now forms a path along which you can enjoy a scenic walk from Puslinch Bridge, along the Yealm Estuary. However, the best way to see the estuary by far, is from a small, shallow draft boat with out an engine, such as a kayak, rowing boat, or sailing dinghy. Be warned though, drifting up on an incoming tide is recommended unless you want to run aground and get stranded!

Five villages share access to the tidal Yealm. Yealmpton straddles the Yealm as it winds it's way through the final fresh water leg. The village of Brixton is situated at the top of Cofleet creek which joins the Yealm further down stream. From about that point the North West bank is part of Wembury, and the opposite bank is part of Newton Ferrers. The Wembury bank continues to the Ocean and Wembury Beach, while the other side eventually becomes populated with the western edge of Newton Ferrers, and then finally becomes Noss Mayo as we pass the creek before reaching the mouth of the river where ahead of you you will see an island called the Mewstone, which until recently was owned by the M.O.D, and was used for gunnery training from H.M.S Cambridge near Wembury.


Horse Riding

Enjoy horse & pony riding at Newton Ferrers Equestrian Centre. Learn to ride at a fully equipped riding school. We also offer hacks, livery and we run a quarter horse stud.

Newton Ferrers Equus

Equestrian Classified Ads

Local gardens wanted for hedgehog release

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